Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dual Celebrations - Festival of lights & First Birthday of my Blog

Happy Diwali to one and all!! May this year bring you closer to achieving your dreams :)

Diwali is all about celebrating with family and friends
Over crackers and
On shopping for gold and silver
On decorating the home with flowers and rangoli
On lighting up your home with little diyas
On making homemade goodies with your family...

Talking about which I just completed celebrating Diwali with my family. It was amazing. They say reaching a destination is not half as good as the journey itself.

It holds so good when it comes to preparing for Diwali. It literally tires you out. But once the puja is done and the house is sound asleep the only thing that I can remember is not the Puja itself but the painstaking flower rangoli that we manage to come up with every year, the night out to make those mithais and namkeen that are needed for the Puja..The list is endless..

I do not want to post any recipe tonight since I am really tired, but just want to wish everyone out there a great year ahead!!

Although my next post will have the details of the mithai that I made along with my MIL!!!

Oh!! and also I am so excited to have been completed one year of successful food blogging and am thrilled!! Dual celebrations indeed!!

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