Friday, February 26, 2010


Pavlova the name itself is as mystic as the delicacy this is.

I happened to come across this recipe by chance. Never had heard of it before though I knew what a Meringue is. Once I discovered the beauty of this recipe I have been mesmerized till date. I made this first on my Mom's Birthday and was quite nervous. Cos if you have never had something in your entire life it is kind of difficult to judge your outcome. Rather you do not have any benchmark. But coaxed primarily by my sweet MIL I presented it to my mom and everyone gathered. To my surprise it turned out to be quite a crowd pleaser. Voila!! One more addition to my ever growing list of "I can make this cake/pastry!!" :)

The recipe is simple and ingredients minimal. As you beat the ingredients the color of the egg whites which forms the base ingredient comes out in a very ethereal manner so light as if it is floating in air. This was the highlight of me making this dish. The light airiness of the egg whites!! The name Pavlova is after a Russian Ballet dancer called Anna Pavlova. As I was making it I realised why it so represents her!! A picture they say speaks a thousand words, here is a photograph of her in her very famous "Dying Swan" I could relate the ethereal feel of the dessert with her completely.You may find it interesting to read about Anna Pavlova here.

There are two types of Pavlova that I have tried. One with chocolate (yes how can I deny chocolate in any of my cakes) and one without which is the classic Pavlova or Pav it is called fondly.

I used the following two links to come up with two different versions of Pav.
The Pav in the photograph is a Chocolate Pavlova and for this I have used Chikku, Banana and grapes as topping.

I had made a classic version without Chocolate and for that I used grapes, strawberry preserve and topped it with some buttesctoch sauce. Totaly awesome!! That is the best part any pulpy fruit that you feel will taste well as per your shoice can be used liberally as a topping. I am waiting for the mango season to start :) so I can use that as a topping!!
You are going to get lot of wows!! if you do make it in any party that I can assure you. Enjoy!!

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